The Londonderry Rail Trail-Phase 5: The Next Chapter

Fundraising goals met, constructions begins late summer 2019!

The next phase of the Londonderry Rail Trail is near the historic North Village area and the beautiful Cohas wetlands area.

Phase 5 of the Rail Trail follows the abandoned rail corridor crossing the Cohas wetland area between Mammoth and Harvey Roads.  This is the most beautiful one mile section of Rail Trail that nobody knows about.  It is truly a hidden gem in Londonderry.  Over the past several years, it has been a very arduous task to clean it up from years of illegal dumping, but that is now completed and the area is gated off to eliminate vehicle traffic and continued dumping.  This future phase is 1 mile.

Our goal is to complete Phase 5 in 2019.  By accomplishing this, we will extend our Rail Trail distance to a total of 4 ½ miles.

The Londonderry Rail is bigger than ever not only for Londonderry, but for our region.  Take a walk on our Rail Trail on any day at any time, and you will see it being enjoyed as a safe and pristine greenway for all.