The Londonderry Rail Trail is a cooperative effort between Londonderry Trailways and the Town of Londonderry to complete 6 miles of trail on the abandoned rail corridor that runs through North Londonderry. This project started in earnest in 2013 and 4.5 of the 6 miles are now completed and another 1 mile is funded! The goal is to create a multi-use recreational path that enhances the quality of life for Southern New Hampshire residents and provides opportunities for economic development in the town of Londonderry.

This trail will link directly to the Derry Rail trail to the east & the Manchester Rail Trail to the north and be part of a continuous 23 mile project that runs from Salem north to Windham, Derry, Londonderry & Manchester. Currently about 13 of the 23 miles are completed.

Ultimately this will be part of the larger 125 mile project that will run from Salem NH to Lebanon NH known as the Granite State Rail Trail!

Frequently asked questions:

Where is it, and where can I park?

There are 4  good places to park in Londonderry:

  1. Runway view parking lot, 106 Harvey Road, Londonderry, NH at the southern end of the airport runway
  2. North Elementary School, 19 Sanborn Rd, Londonderry, NH (when school is not in session!)
  3. Exit 5 Park & Ride, 4 Symmes Drive, Londonderry, NH (Long Term and Overflow parking sections near the bus terminal)
  4. Independence Drive, parallel parking along the roadside.

***PLEASE DO NOT PARK at Poor Boys Restaurant*** unless you are also going to eat at Poor Boys. They need the extra large parking lot for their tractor trailer customers who require a lot of space to maneuver around.  Support this local business – go in and have a bite to eat, the food is great! PS: they have great ice-cream frappes the kids will love!

***PLEASE DO NOT PARK along Rt 28 near Seasons Lane*** near the Derry town-line. It is too dangerous to park here.

How long is it?

The paved completed section pf Londonderry’s Rail Trail is currently 4.5 miles long, (one way). See the map above for detailed information.

This trail will eventually be part of a larger Granite State Rail Trail that runs through multiple towns in the state. Portions of the Granite State Rail Trail have been completed in Derry, Windham, Salem and Manchester. Click here to view a regional map.

Is it a loop?

No, it follows the old railroad corridor, so you can go straight out and then turn around to head back to where you started.

Can I go beyond the paved section?

NO, travel beyond the paved competed sections is not recommended!

The unfinished sections of the rail corridor have rough terrain, are over grown, have uneven surfaces, are muddy, and are missing safe bridges.                                                                                 These unfinished sections are not maintained by anyone.

How is it funded?

Each section of Londonderry’s Rail Trail is funded through a combination of individual and corporate donations, federal and state grants, and funding from the Town of Londonderry following a Taxpayer vote. We appreciate every donation that helps make this project possible!

What I can do to help?

You can:

1. Make a donation online or mail in a check, (see donation page for details)
2. If you have an employee matching gift program at your work, register Trailways (we can help) and utilize that to double your gift.
3. If you have a relationship with a business, please reach out to us via the contacts page, so we can begin a conversation.