Londonderry Trailways is an all-volunteer group of local citizens formed in 1999 with non-profit staus pursuant to section 501(c) (3) of the IRS code. Our goal is to increase and improve the availability of trails for use by all residents of all ages and all abilities for low impact recreation and as alternate forms of  transportation (where applicable). We are made up of citizens who are walkers, runners, bicyclists, hikers, cross country skiers, bird watchers, snowshoers, etc.  We have a diverse list of interests. What brings us together is the desire to improve our community!

Our mission: To develop a diverse network of safe bike/walk routes throughout Londonderry for all ages and all abilities that connect neighborhoods, schools, businesses and points of interest, in order to encourage recreation, exercise, reduce automobile use and create a greater sense of community. To promote safe cycling and walking by educating residents, businesses and local government on the advantages of non-motorized forms of transportation.

We work on three types of projects:

1.  Rail Trail, (for recreation and alternative transportation)

2. Conservation Area trails in the woods & orchards, (for recreation)

  • Kendall Pond Conservation Area
  • Musquash Conservation Area
  • Adams Pond / Moose Hill Orchards / Mack’s Farm

3. Neighborhood Connections (for alternative transportation  and recreation)

  • School Bike Path (4 schools connected to 2 large neighborhoods)
  • Kings to LAFA fields (improve the surface making it accesible to more users)

Londonderry Trailways works hand in hand with the managing body of each parcel of land involved to improve public access for recreation & alternative transportation.  We provide a service that town government typically has not organized for or funded.