“Neighborhood Connectors” are trails that connect residential neighborhoods to each other and to rec areas and schools, etc.  Connectors provide a safer alternative to riding or walking in the shoulder of the road.

Today there are many ‘informal’ connectors – well worn trails used by runners and bikers to get around town while avoiding cars and traffic.  We’ve identified a number of opportunities to improve or create “Neighborhood Connections” using existing public land.  Some of these connectors need just some basic improvements (clearing stones and roots, building boardwalks, etc.) while others need  engineered plans to cross wetlands or utility right-of-ways.

Completed & Next Priority Projects:

  • School Bike Path – Phase 1 – COMPLETED, ~5000 feet of 8 foot wide paved bike & pedestrian path that links the four schools in the center of Londonderry to each other and to the Kings neighborhood of ~200 homes.
  • LAFA/Town Rec Complex to the Kings neighborhood – this long existing trail has now had the surface improved with a hard pack material in late 2019/early 2020, however it does now need some drainage work. The trail runs from the tennis courts corner of the Town Rec Complex to King Phillip Dr.
  • School Bike Path – Phase 2 – Future ~1300 foot extension from Phase 1 end point at Moose Hill School to the Wilshire neighborhood of ~100 homes. This project is shovel ready and is estimated to cost $400,000 because there is a water crossing that adds complexity to the project.