2020 – Early Phase 6 work begins – summer/fall of 2020 begins the Design 7 Engineering work of the Airport segment. See Rail Trail > What’s Ahead for more info

2019 -Phase 5 Completed! Construction began summer of 2019 and this section was completed and opened November 2019. We now have 4.5 miles completed!

2019 – Phase 5 & 6 Fundraising Completed, early 2019! Thank you to Klueber for a major donation, and to the Samuel P. Hunt Foundation, the McIninch Foundation and voters of Londonderry!

2018 – Phase 4 Completed! Trailways received a $75,000 grant from the Samuel P Hunt Foundation and the Town citizens voted to provide $144,000. This along with other business donations allowed for the safe crossing signal to be added across Rt 28 near North Elementary School.

2016 – Phase 3 Completed! A $300,000 donation from Kinder Morgan and $100,000 contribution from Londonderry’s Conservation Commission allows another 1.4 miles of trail to be completed, bringing the total length to 3.2 miles.

2014 – Phase 2 Completed! Donations from local businesses and individuals including Derry Medical Center, Verani Realty and the Fitzgibbons Family allow another 0.7 miles of trail to be completed, bringing to total length to 1.7 miles.

2013 – Phase 1 Completed! Voters pass Warrant article in March 2013 to fund the the first Londonderry mile, which was completed and opened Nov, 2013!