Phase 6 Funded

Phase 6 of Londonderry’s Rail Trail has been funded! A large grant was awarded to the Town from federal funds and the citizen’s of Londonderry voted to provide the required 20% match. This section, known as the Airport segment, will run from Harvey Rd (current northern terminus) along the right side of the airport runway fence on the old rail corridor up to the Aviation Museum and continue on to the Manchester town line. Design & Engineering is expected to begin summer/fall of 2020 and will take several years to complete. Go to Rail Trail>What’s Ahead for more info.

2 thoughts on “Phase 6 Funded

  1. Love the trail and would like to provide some input into the Airport Segment. Can you notify me about any design reviews? Also the Town of Londonderry was to construct a side path along Pettingill Road (But did not include it when Pettingill Rd was built) that would have connected to the Airport Access Rd path and Bedford Heritage Trail. Would like to see that connection


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