Railroad Mile Marker and Wetlands

The concrete monument inscribed “M 7” and “L 20” is an old railroad mile marker, used by the engineer to know where he is.  This was the Manchester and Lawrence Railroad. At this marker there are 7 rail miles to Manchester and 20 heading south to Lawrence.

At one time the north Londonderry village was the “center of town” and a train heading north would know to be alert starting at mile marker 7.  The large wetland here, along with the others you have seen, plays an important role in flood storage.  Notice how much room there is for water to flow outwards and fill the low land on either side.  This keeps the water from flooding the more densely settled areas along route 28.

Londonderry Trailways thanks the Londonderry Conservation Commission for their assistance in creating “Nature on the Trail’

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