Phase 2 Completed!

Londonderry’s paved/competed Rail Trail now runs from North Elementary School, past the Exit 5 Park & Ride, under 93, past Poor Boys Restaurant to Liberty Drive!

Where can I park: North Elementary School, 19 Sanborn Rd, Londonderry, or Exit 5 Park & Ride, 4 Symmes Drive, Londonderry

How long is it: the paved/completed section is now 1.75 miles one way from North School to Liberty Drive, and 3.5 miles round trip.

Is it a loop: no it follows the old rail road corridor, it is an out and back straight stretch.

Can I go beyond the paved section: yes with the right gear – Phase 3 continues East beyond Liberty Drive towards Derry for another 1.5 miles. It is packed dirt and travelable with good walking/hiking shoes or a hybrid/mountain bike. You can not roller blade or road bike this Phase 3 section. Travel further East on the rail corridor beyond Rt 28 in the Seasons Lane area is not recommended, it is very rough and not maintained at this point.

What can I do to help: Fundraising for Phase 3 has now begun! 1) make a donation to support Phase 3 online or mail a check, 2) if you have employee matching gift at your company, utilize that to double your gift. 3) If you have a relationship with a local business, talk to them about supporting the rail trail.

Thanks for your support!!!

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